Another fabulous donation

Today I received a lovely parcel from a lady living in york. Inside there were 17 beautiful baby hats, 7 knitted squares and a pair of mittens, So a big thank you to her.

Baby hats are needed all year round but particularly in winter, so these are really useful now.

We also need knitted or crochet squares which can be made up into blankets, Squares are super quick to make, use up stash and can really benefit a child – what are you waiting for?



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2 responses to “Another fabulous donation

  1. margaret pearce

    hi there
    I am looking on the net to find a suitable place to donate lots and lots of soft toys – from small to larger ones – mainly snowmen etc but some teddies – all in new or nearly new condition – some with their tags still on and never played with – I need the space now but the local charity shops are inundated with soft toys and do not want any more – I had hoped to send them to Romanian orphanages but no response to my emails at ‘Link Romania’ and other charities dealing with the poor children – I could sell them but honestly people would only give 50p or perhaps a £1 and I honestly think that a child would much prefer to cuddly up to something soft and cosy and be reminded that someone does think of them – if you can not use them – do you know of any organisation inUk that could possibly use them – many thanks –

  2. algerianaction

    Oh yes please! I’m certain the kids in Algeria would just love them. I will e.mail you with more details.
    Thank you so much.

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