Well, September has been and gone, Some really lovely things were sent to me the past month and a total of 84 items were received. A big thank you to everyone who contributed.

Let’s try and make October even more successful.

Algeria does get a winter and it would be wonderful to send some extra hats,gloves and blankets for these colder months so that the kiddies can be kept nice and warm.

Thanks so much for your support, Emma x



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2 responses to “Thank-you!

  1. Debbie

    I think it’s great that you post thank you’s on the website, it certainly inspires me to knit more.
    If there’s anything in particular you want knitted please let me know.
    I will continue to send parcels when I can.

    Deb x

  2. algerianaction

    Thank you for your continued support Debbie, it is much appreciated. Truely, without the generosity of people like yourself the project would cease to exist.

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