What a great day for donations!

The postman arrived laden with parcels on Saturday……………..

A box full of colourful hats, a snugly blanket and some cardigans came from ‘The girls at Otley knitting club’ everything has been so beautifully made and the hats are in every colour imaginable!

The second box was from a lady in wolverton, inside were fantastic stripey jumpers and hats, I think most of them have been knitted from side to side  and they look just great – please  share the patterns!

The third lot, which was made up of four packets came from the ‘Nit and natter’ ladies at Leander Court. They had made the most beautiful baby clothes- cardigans, bootees, mittens, bonnets, hats plus baby blankets all in pretty pastels. Oh, and they also included a couple of bears -how cute!

   And the last parcel came from ‘Marguerite and family’ . Inside were the most stunning baby and children’s clothes. I adore the grey frock coat style cardigan, the pink baby sized bolero, the white shoes, the  blue vest…… Oh, everything is just superb!

              A massive thank you to everyone -your generosity is outstanding!


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