A great start to February

Yesterday I recieved so many parcels, it was such a treat to open them as they all contained such wonderful things!

There was a huge brightly coloured blanket and several beautiful crocheted hats from Barbara in Stevenage.


A lady called Kathy  had sent 3 super baby cardigan and hat sets, they are so sweet with their tie fastenings are are made from lovely thick yarn.

The next parcel came from a lady who lives on the Isle of  Man, she had sent several colourful jumpers in slightly bigger sizes which is always great, baby booties and some very cute hats.

The most beautiful baby blanket was sent in by a lady in Basildon. In a mixture of pretty pastels it is just so girlie and prettty.  She also sent in two cardigans and two jumpers which are just as lovely.

Wonderful Hats, cardigans, scarves and squares in all colours and sizes were sent by Jan.  Oh, and she also sent toys!  Colourful jelly baby type people, an elf and two of the most adorable mice!

Another gorgeous girlie blanket was sent by a lady in Chichester.  She also sent lovely toddler sized cardigans which are so pretty  and some beautiful hats.

Thank you so much to everyone for taking the time to knit for the project.  Everything is so beautiful and your help is very much appreciated.



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4 responses to “A great start to February

  1. I especially love the grey cardigan with the red trim. How cute!

  2. The jelly baby toys are adorable, and I LOVE the mice – what a lovely idea
    I shall be making some pads for you when the pattern goes up

    • algerianaction

      I also adore the mice!
      The pattern for the pads has now been added and can be found under the heading ‘project washables’.

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