teddies and more

More fantastic donations have arrived!


The ‘Nit and Natter ladies’ at Leander Court sent loads of lovely teddies, perfect purple hats and some beautiful cardigans and jumpers.

Four gorgeous crochet blankets were sent in by Jan in Guildford- Such great colours!

And another lady sent in a holdall with lots of different things inside, she had knitted hats,bootees, toys and a cardigan, she had made some packs of sanitary pads but she also included underwear, a shawl, a scarf, a bracelet making toy, a blanket and a few other things- what a thoughtful donation!


So, huge thanks are owed to you very generous ladies- your help is appreciated so much!



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2 responses to “teddies and more

  1. What a lovely collection of bears, there are so many nice things here though – could be here all night commenting on them.

    • algerianaction

      I agree, so many of the things that are sent in are beautiful. It is amazing how much thought and effort people put into their work, thank you everyone!

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