On 6th March my youngest son went into hospital for an operation.  He was born with two holes in his heart and needed open heart surgery to close them.  The surgery itself was a success and he will be monitored for the next six weeks to check that all is well.

As I’m sure everyone can appreciate it has been a difficult time and as my son is only 11 months old I stayed with him in hospital. So, now there is a bit of a backlog of e.mails and donations ………..Loads and Loads of parcels arrived this morning- So if you sent something over the last couple of weeks I am sure it has now been received. I will post photos and send e.mails/ letters as thanks as soon as possible – As so many of you have been very generous it may take a few days to do everything.  To everyone who has requested more information about the project I promise that I will reply but it may take a while.

Thank you for your patience and my apologies for not being able to do things quicker.

Best wishes as always, Emma



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4 responses to “Backlog

  1. suzanne

    I hope your little lad is ok, am thinking of you, i kknow only too well how difficult it is when they’re in hospital.
    It’s been a while since i’ve sent any bits and pieces but they will be on their way shortly.
    Keep us posted on your son!
    take care

    • algerianaction

      Hi Suzanne,
      Thank you for your thoughts, I’m happy to say that my son has now recovered from his operation.
      I hope that you and yours are all well.
      Best wishes, Emma

  2. Emma, I did wonder where you had been. For a while your website seemed to have disappeared …

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    How is your son recovering from the operation?

    Anke xx

    • algerianaction

      Hi Anke,
      Thank you for your prayers and for thinking of us. My son has now made a complete recovery from his operation, which is such a relief. He wont be signed off from the hospital until next year though.
      I hope that you are well.

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