A few more

Here are a few more of the wonderful donations that have recently been sent in, once again sorry that there has been a little delay in posting the pictures.

A gorgeous selection of knits from the ‘Nit and Natter ladies’ at Leander Court. 

Susan, one of our regulars sent these blankets and squares in on behalf of her 95 year old friend.  Blankets are so useful and the colours of these ones are great. 


Mrs Siddique sent a wonderful mix of blankets, tank tops, cardigans and hats – everything is beautifully made.

Jan in Guildford sent a great big box of things, gorgeous knits for babies and children and some tops and trousers to fit ladies- it’s a rare treat to give things to adults and older girls so they will be much appreciated. I just love the red and white diamond cardigan!  

Cute baby hats came from a lady in Horsham.

Bernie Grant sent in a fabulous patchwork blanket, some knitted squares as well as hats, mittens and jumpers. The heart square is really lovely! 

Huge thanks to everyone for their generosity. Lots more pictures to come………….


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