More delights

Such a fantastic mix of  items were sent in by Sue Parkinson. The colours and styles are just wonderful and the toys are perfect!

Pretty pastel cardigans and short sleeved tops were sent by a lady in Lincoln.

A huge box of cardigans and jumpers were sent by Faye Watson, everything is lovely.

Loads of baby hats and 2 blankets were sent by Anna Fossett and her Mum, this are perfect for our baby bags.


Gorgeous jumpers and cardigans were sent by a lady in Dunbartonshire, everything is so perfectly made and the buttons (which probably can’t be seen properly) are just wonderful! 

Three lovely tops were sent in by Jean. I love the hooded one!  

Not all of our donations are hand-crafted. Another friend of my Mum’s donated some lovely girlie pink clothes which will be given to babies in need.

Thank you so much ladies for taking the time to support the project. Your help is really appreciated.


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