The last donations for April

Lots more parcels arrived with the post man today including this beautiful crochet blanket made by Freya, can you believe she has only just started crocheting?

Lots of pretty pastel hats knitted by the residents of Queen’s House care home and some women of the church were sent in by Jean Walley.

Two gorgeous jumpers were sent in by Jean, the red hooded one is just so cute!

Beautiful brightly coloured hats, bootees and cardigans were sent in by a lady in Pershore.

A great mix of pretty pastel hats cardigans and blankets came from Norma.

Hats, mittens a toy and some Jumpers were sent in by Sue, the flowers really do add a finishing touch to the hats.

A lovely blanket and some hats and cardigans were sent in by Anna and her Mum. They also sent in two pre-loved toys which are great, I remember having a ‘big ted’ as a child as I’m sure many other people do.

Lastly,  a lovely patchwork blanket was donated by Rita in Surrey.  I think the choice of colours look so nice together.

As always a big, big thank you for all the wonderful contributions.


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