Amazing April

What an absolutely fantastic month April has been for donations.  In total 1910 items were received, which is just incredible!

Thank you to everyone who made the time and effort to knit, crochet and craft something for a needy person in Algeria.

The next shipment is due to go in June so just a few weeks left if you would like your knits to be included, after that the next lot will hopefully go around the end of August.

Huge thanks as always, Emma



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2 responses to “Amazing April

  1. As salam alaykum dear sister,

    Masha’a’Llâh, when you move by yourself all the word move with you…El hamduli’Llah.

    I write a dedicace especialy for you sister in my blog 🙂

    Hope u are fine…

    • algerianaction

      Oh thank you sister for your lovely comments.
      Really, this project would not exist without the kindness and generosity of it’s wonderful supporters, who continue to show such dedication to helping those in need.

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