Hello again


After several weeks ‘away’ I’m back in action.  A broken computer and no Internet access initiated the spell away.  Which was then made longer by sickness brought on by pregnancy, this will be my third child and I seem to be suffering quite a bit with it. The baby is due 1st October so not too much longer really…..

On top of that my Nan has just died- quite unexpectedly following an operation on her heart. My Nan was a great lady whose death has left a gaping hole in my family. She is and will be sorely missed, I can’t quite believe that I will never, ever see her again. 

Anyway on a happier note, the donations have continued to pour in -hundreds of them! Thank you for having faith in the project even though there hasn’t been an update for a while. Pictures of everything have been taken and they will be posted up shortly. As usual the knitting, sewing and crochet is beautiful as are the pre-loved and new items.

There are loads of e.mails to reply to which I shall do but it may take a while……….

Thank you for your continue support.

Very best wishes, Emma x



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4 responses to “Hello again

  1. ann


    Soory to hear that things have not been good for you lately. Hope your situation continues to improve. Take care and good luck with your expected new arrival.

  2. Brilliant to have you back Emma – we were getting very worried about you :0) So sorry you are feeling poorly but a new baby will certainly make up for that when it arrives xx Very sorry about your Nan – I know when I lost mine a few years back (at the ripe old age of 96 mind you) I was devastated as she was the centre of our family – think I have been trying to fill the gap she left ever since then as families need someone they can rely on nd turn to when they need them :0)

    We have some boxes coming down to you this week – lots to open when you find the time :0)

    God Bless – Lou and all at Loving Hands xxx

  3. Congratulations on the baby!

    Sorry to hear about your Nan. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman.

  4. algerianaction

    Thank you for your thoughts ladies.

    Always a joy to open up parcels from ‘loving hands’ Lou- huge thanks for your continued support.
    Emma x

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