The ladies at Loving Hands

Over the past week boxes upon boxes of donations have been arriving from the ladies at Loving Hands. As you may have come to expect everything is of course, just fabulous!

I take pictures of all items that are donated and usually post them here for all to see.  The loving hands donations are no exception but this latest batch has created a total of 35 pictures and I think that is just a lttle too many to post here so instead I have just given a taster. ( If anyone does want to see the full album then I would be happy to e.mail it. )

A treasure trove of goodies were sent including blankets, towels, cardigans,jumpers,hats, toys, a mountain of sanitary towels for ‘project washables’ , dresses, t.shirts …………….the list is endless.

For those of you who don’t already know ‘Loving Hands’ is a charity which knits, sews and crafts beautiful things for a variety of projects and causes, more information can be found at         

Once again, A huge thank you to the team at Loving Hands.


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