A great start to August

Donations have already started to arrive this month and so far some really lovely things have been sent in.

A great selection of cardigans and some sanitary pads were sent in by Mrs Mohammed. the daisy buttons are just so cute!

Lovely short sleeved jumpers  and baby hats from a lady in St Leonards on Sea.

Two brightly striped jumpers from a lady in Eastleigh.

An Anonomous donor sent four hats which are really soft to touch.

Gorgeous cardigans and jumpers were sent in by Kathy. 

A whole range of jumpers,hats, cardigans and a blanket were donated by the Nit and Natter ladies at Leander Court. 

Two large colourful crochet blankets and a selection of jumpers were sent by a lady in Paignton.

Thank you to everyone for such great donations, your help is much appreciated.


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