It has been a little while since I have updated here. Pregnancy is really taking its toll at the moment, It seems that I’m permanently exhausted, I have swollen ankles and fingers and a constant back ache all of which makes everything that bit more difficult and so much slower. So my apologies, I can assure you that your parcels are being received and your beautiful items are being photographed and packaged up in preparation to be shipped in early October.

So ……………………  

A lovely crochet blanket, a teddy,two jumpers, a babygro a poncho and a tube of body cream were donated by Anna in Glasgow.  

donations aug 001

Gorgeous jumpers,cardigans and blankets from a lady in East Calder

Four lovely crochet hats from  Mrs Rosa Kirk who is 90 years old.

donations aug 013

A fantastic selection of knitted baby hats and two pretty pink cardigans which were made by the ‘charity knitting class

at Malton Agricultural show. 

 donations aug 021

A pretty pastel blanket from Katherine Doley.

donations aug 023

A beautiful knitted cloak, colourful mittens and socks plus pencils,nappies underwear and a selection of lovely children’s clothes were donated by Diana in Hastings.   

donations aug 025

Two snugly blankets, loads of hats and a stack load of pre-loved children’s clothes were sent in by an anonymous donor.

donations aug 028

donations aug 031

Fantastic stripey socks and hats, scarves, teddies and beautiful jumpers were donated by Pat and Mary in Somerset 

donations aug 032

Loads and loads of colourful hats,blankets, jumpers and cardigans from the knitters of Stroud via David Drew MP.


donations aug 034

donations aug 035

donations aug 037

donations aug 039

Thank you so much for such lovely donations.

Several more parcels and boxes arrived this morning so I will try and get pictures up as soon as possible.


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