So far some beautiful things have been donated this month.


Three smiling teddies from an anonymous donor.


A pack of baby gro’s and vests which are perfect for our baby sets were sent in by Kath in Staffordshire.



2 snugly baby blankets, cute vests,a hat and a colourful jumper were sent by Janet in America.


Nancy in the USA sent four pairs of gorgeous bootees.


Some fabulous pre-loved boys clothing, soft toys, sandals and some great knitted squares were sent by Joan, another lady living in the USA.


Some fantastic art and craft materials were sent by another anonymous donor. These things are so great and quite hard to come by for poor families in Algeria.


Four pretty striped jumpers from another generous donor who prefers to stay anon.

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to craft and send so many lovely things, as always every ones help is greatly appreciated.


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