Such beautiful things


Another fabulous lot of donations have arrived-

A large parcel of knitted squares, hats, a blanket, scarf and cardigan all in lovely bright colours were donated by Suzanne in Letchworth.

donations 3 010

The most beautiful blankets were sent in by Pat and Mary in Somerset, the colours and pattern is just lovely!  They also donated a great selection of jumpers, cardigans, hats,socks and scarves all in bright colours.   

donations 3 011


 donations 3 013

Gorgeous colourful crochet blankets were donated by Isabel along with some fabulous charity shop finds.

donations 3 004

donations 3 005

Another donation was sent from a lady in America on behalf of the group ‘All crafts for charity’, the cardigan and babygro are so cute!

donations 3 009

Five beautiful knitted squares were donated by Lorraine and her two rescue dogs. I just adore the beaded heart one.

 donations 3 001

Lastly ten super cute teddies from an anonymous donor.

donations 3 008

Thank you everyone for such lovely donations.



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2 responses to “Such beautiful things


    I sent a parcel from “Lyn’s Mum” about 10 days ago – have you received it?

    Good lick


    I can tell from the pictures that you have – I’ll send the link to Lyn!

    Good Luck

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