Loads more

A sea of fabulous striped jumpers, colourful hats and a huge crochet blanket which is just beautiful was generously donated byMrs Dancer in High Wycombe.



Beautiful  crochet jumpers, hats and scarves were donated by Barbara in Stevenage.


Perfect ribbon tie bags, a summer dress crochet squares a teddy and a decorated colouring book were kindly sent in by Freya.

A colourful collection of over 100 items were made by the crafters  of Stroud and sent in by the office of David Drew MP.



Huge thanks for such wonderful donations!



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2 responses to “Loads more

  1. Jan Bannerman

    Hi, regarding the published photos of the striped jumpers, hats and huge crocheted blanket. You have credited them to a Mrs Gull but they were actually made by my mother Mrs Doris Dancer and were delivered to yourselves by carrier from High Wycombe. Just thought i would point out the error. Kind regards Jan Bannerman

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