Quite a while back I wrote a post about a hat pattern, it was designed to fit a baby aged 3-6 months but due to a request from a reader I have re-worked the pattern so that it will fit a newborn. This is a super quick knit and the ribbon really finishes it off nicely.


To fit a newborn

Needles- size 4mm / US size 6

Gauge- 24stitches and 28 rows =4″ worked over stockinette stitch

using worsted weight yarn.

Other needles and types of yarn can be used to vary the size and texture of the hat.


k2tog- knit two stitches together

k3tog, knit three stitches together

m1- an increase make one stitch by inserting the needle into the diagonal below.     


Cast on 58 stitches

row 1- knit

row 2- knit

row 3-* k2 tog, yo repeat from * until 2 stitches remain, k2

row 4- purl

row 5-knit

row 6- purl

row 7- k2tog  repeat until last stitch, k1

row 8- k1, m1 repeat until last stitch, k1 

row 9-knit

row 10-purl

row 11- k2tog until last stitch, k1

row 12-k1, m1 repeat until end

row 13-knit

row 14-purl

repeat rows 13 and 14 seven times

row 28-k3tog, (k5, k2tog repeat until end)

row 29-purl

row 30-k2tog,k4 repeat until end

row 31-purl

row 32-k2tog, k3 repeat until end

row 33-purl

row 34-k2tog, k2 repeat until end

row 35-purl

row 36- k2tog,k1 repeat until end

row 37,purl

row 38-k2tog until end

row 39-purl 

row 40-k2tog

when 4 stitches remain cut yarn and thread through  the stitches, pull tightly and sew up the seam.

thread ribbon through eyelets if desired.

Please let me know if you spot any errors so that I can make corrections.

Happy knitting!

*All of my patterns may be used for whatever purpose you wish but the pattern is copyright to me, Emma Waller



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25 responses to “Sweet

  1. Larene

    Thank you so much. This will be a perfect match to the sweater I made.

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  3. Larene

    I have to tell you that everyone remarks about the hat. I made it in a mauve pink color and put light pink ribbon thru the openings. My daughter gets compliments everywhere she takes the baby.
    Thank you so much for the pattern.
    Larene Szeszko

  4. Kelly

    Hi! I love this hat – I’m expecting a little girl and found your pattern and am determined to make it – ONE problem so far though – one the 3rd row it says “K2TOG,YO” do you mean do this pattern until the end, or do you mean Knit the 1st two together and then YO until the end to increase? I’m so sorry if this sounds dumb, I’m a new knitter. 🙂 Thanks!!!

    • Emma

      Hi Kelly,
      Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy!

      You do not sound dumb, there was a mistake in the pattern, thank you for drawing it to my attention. The 3rd row of the pattern should read -*k2 tog, yo repeat from* until 2 stitches remain, k2 . Basically (knit 2 tog ,yo) for the whole row except the last two stitches which should just be knitted.

      I hope that makes it clearer. If you find any more errors or have any problems with the pattern please feel free to get in touch.
      Best wishes, Emma

  5. Marissa

    I was wondering if you could tell me how to make this hat but to fit a toddler? Im not sure what to do to make it bigger.

  6. I just started knitting this hat for a friend’s baby due in November. I’m only as far as row 13, but the eyelet pattern went well! My 5 year old daughter requested a hat just like it, so I will try and modify the pattern for her. I’m a fairly new knitter so I plan to try different numbers of cast on stitches to see how many seems like the right size and then just follow the pattern from there.
    Thank you for the pattern!

  7. Debbie

    I am new to reading patterns – have knitted pretty basic things for a while (scarves, bib’s, burl cloths etc). I had my first baby.on December 28th and would.love to make her this hat but I have a couple of questions first.

    1. Lots of hats are made kn circular needles but this pattern doesn’t specify so I’m assuming it can be made using regular straight needles. Is this right?

    2. Can you explain how to do the m1 instruction? I’m confused by the diagonal instruction.

    3. What does “yo” mean in the instructions for row 3?

    I’m really sorry.for the dumb questions, but I don’t want to mess it up!

    • CoCo

      This pattern is made on straight needles and seamed together at the end.

      m1 means make 1. There are many ways to do this. Watch a few different Youtube videos and select the method that makes the most sense to you.

      yo means yarn over. Again, Youtube videos are great for figuring out new stitches when you are trying to figure these things out from home and not in a class or with your knitting friends.

      Just search Youtube for knitting and the name of the stitch and you will find lots of examples. I suggest skipping the ones with British accents (unless you are knitting continental style).

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  9. Ellisen

    Thank you for sharing the pattern. I’ll be using it for the Period of Purple Crying Project.

  10. Beverly Hebert

    Is it alright to give them away as baby gifts? Bev.

  11. My friend has got a few reborn dolls and showed me a hat for sale on ebay as a link to things she would like for her birthday I thought Id rather make her one so am going to give your pattern ago, I glad someone mentioned the 3rd row as I was a bit confused…lol..

    Thank you for kindly sharing cant wait to make a start on one this evening x

    • Emma

      Hand made gifts are always the best!
      If you need any clarifications or spot any mistakes in the patten do let me know. Happy Knitting 🙂

  12. Andrea

    I finished this little hat on the straight needles and it’s so cute. I’d like to make multiples for the Period of Purple Crying campaign for our local hospital, but I’d rather work the pattern on double-pointed needles to avoid the need to seam at the end. I’m having some trouble adapting the pattern – can you offer assistance?

  13. Nancy Smith

    I have a question on row 7. If there are 58 stitches on the needle, then by
    k2tog there will be actually 2 remaining stitches on the needle instead of 1. Do you want this row to begin with a k1. And the other question I had about row 7 is that k2tog seems to be decreasing the total number of stitches quite a bit. Won’t this make the beginning to small? Thanks for getting back to me on these questions-

  14. CoCo

    Should row 28 actually read: k3tog (k2tog, k5 repeat until end)?
    Also, a suggestion to add a note to take a few stitches with thread and needle to the ribbon once it’s in the hat so that it can’t slip out and become a choking hazard.

  15. Mary Barwell

    Did you have a response for question from Nancy Smith?…row 7. If there are 58 stitches on the needle, then by k2tog there will be actually 2 remaining stitches on the needle instead of 1. Do you want this row to begin with a k1. Please advise.

  16. Marcia

    I agree with Mary and Nancy. If you k2tog and there are 58 stitches on row 7, how could you be left with 1 stitch to knit at the end? I will try k1 at the beginning and k1 at the end and hope that works. Advice?

  17. Karan

    How many stiches should I have on row 27?
    Row 28 does not come out even with my stitch count.
    After the last knit 2tog I have two stiches left

  18. Betty Willard

    Please advise the answer to the questions on row 27 & 28…I want to start this pattern for a new grand daughter but don’t want to get confused in the middle of the pattern. Appreciate any help. Thanks

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