December Delights

Only a few days into the last month of the year and donations are pouring in……………….

Two beautiful cardigans to fit toddlers were donated by Valerie in Southampton.

A box full of new and pre-loved baby clothes were sent by an anonymous donor.

Brightly coloured hats from Carol in Woodstock.

Gorgeous chunky cardigans and a teddy were sent in by Carole in Southampton

Striped hats and a golden-yellow cardigan came from Linda in Cheshire.

A wonderful collection of babygro’s and two white hooded cardigans were sent in anonymously. 

A mass of colourful hats and mittens were donated by Joyce.

A gorgeous collection of baby things including mittens, hats,cardigans and bootees came from Sheila.

Beautiful baby blankets, hats and a cardigan were donated by Marion who claims to be a ‘learner’ , clearly a very quick one as the items are gorgeous!

What a fantastic start to December – Huge thanks to you all!


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