And this week

What with all the snow and freezing cold weather outside recently now would seem like the perfect time to put the kettle on and settle down to some crafting. I know that’s what I have done and judging by the beauties that arrived this week it’s what some of you have done too.

Snuggly fleece blankets and gorgeously made sanitary towel sets were donated by Helen.  For those of you interested in alternative menstrual products I recommend a visit to Helen’s website it’s an excellent directory for products, information, patterns and much more.

Colourful knitted hats, face cloths and some pre-loved baby clothes were sent in by Rebecca.

Cute baby jumpers, baby bootees and lots of hats were donated by Sue.

Beautiful crochet baby blankets from Anna and her Mum.

A really pretty crochet baby blanket, some babygros, a scarf and a lovely jumper were donated by Moira in Aberdeen.

Thank you so much ladies!


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