Another fantastic week

Well, you have done it again, this week was another fantastic week for donations!  The next shipment of donations will be sent around mid February so these things will very soon be keeping babies and children lovely and warm.

Take a look-

Gorgeous lemon and white baby cardigans and a hat were donated by Susan.  I love the cute duck buttons!

The Marlow knit and chat group sent in a parcel of colourful squares, hats and a fabulous pair of hand warmers which I took the liberty of modelling just so that they can be appreciated properly.

A wonderful collection of hats and some cardigans were donated by Margaret. I thing the zip up waist coat is a great idea!

Gorgeous cardigans from Alice and her 86-year-old Aunt. It;s particularly nice to get cardigans for baby boys as our supply is quite low at the moment.

A snuggly blanket and two knitted squares were sent in by an anonymous donor.

Beautiful crochet blankets, hats, scarves and a hooded top were sent in by another anonymous donor.

Lastly, lovely short-sleeved tops from Celia 

Yet another week filled with gorgeous handiwork.  Thank you so much to all who contributed.


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