‘Something for Summer’

What hit me most on my first visit to Algeria was the huge contrast between life there and life in England.  Just the ordinary, every-day life for an average family.  What they have and what they have not.

It also made me realise how much is wasted in the U.K.  It is what made me want to start this project, to find a way of distributing the perfectly useable but no longer wanted items of people here to new loving homes in Algeria.

So with that in mind I have done a bit of repurposing. To be exact, I have made Summer dresses out of pillowcases.   

It was a comment left by Rosemary a few moths back that got me thinking about pillowcase dresses.  They are so easy to make and a quick search on the internet will provide a wealth of free patterns tutorials. There really is so little stitching involved that they can even be made by hand.

This is just one simple idea of how to turn something old into something new. Just one easy way to help give summer clothing to the needy in Algeria.

So people will you help, will you clear out your cupboards and help someone in need?

Do you have any summer clothing which you no longer need, things that can be used ‘as is’ or items which can have new life breathed into them? Do you have any pillowcases that you don’t want anymore?

If so get those creative juices flowing and make something marvellous or just send them in as they are!



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2 responses to “‘Something for Summer’

  1. Jane

    What a brilliant idea. I’ll have to find some pillowcases now and have a go.

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