February so far

A little late in posting pics of the recent donations, so sorry for that. I have a good excuse though, I have just been so busy finalising the details of a couple of fundraising events. More to follow on that shortly!

Anyway, some really gorgeous things have been arriving beautiful knits, some fabulous toys and clothing for teens . Look on.

Cute baby hats from Helen in Rotherham.

More Fabulous pillowcase dresses from Carole, beautiful blankets and I just love, love, love the scarves!

Fabulous pre-loved boys clothes that will fit children aged between 10-13 years were donated by Lisa.

Wonderful, colourful jumpers to fit toddlers and young children plus a stack of hats were donated by the Go ‘n’ knit group in Kington.

Beautiful knitted clothing and the cutest toys along with pencils and books were sent in by Carolyn in Cardiff.

The most beautiful crochet cardigan and scarf set, a pretty peach jumper and lots of clothes for older teens which is just what is needed right now!

Lovely knitted blanket squares in shades of brown were donated by Margaret Reedman.

Beautiful scarves and a selection of hats,toys and gloves were sent in by Chris.

Gorgeous pre-loved summer dresses and other cutesy baby clothes were donated by Fitzy.

Huge, huge thanks for such super donations!



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2 responses to “February so far

  1. Anke

    Glad to see your work is still going strong!

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