The rest of the week

Was just as busy with donations arriving.

Beautiful crochet blankets were donated by Pauline, they are so colourful and such a great size.

A snuggly striped blanket and gorgeous knitwear was donated by Frances.

A lovely collection of jumpers to fit older children and some pretty hats and gloves came from someone known only as J. Billington

Super kid’s jumpers and hats along with some clothing for teens came from Ann.

Beautiful knitwear from Vera in Hailsham.

An anonymous donor sent in a whole batch of brightly coloured jumpers

 A lovely collection of knitted hats and a sweet baby cardigan were donated by Lisa in Farnham.

Some great t.shirts for older kids and two gorgeous blankets were sent in by Anna, love the little flower detail!

Lastly, a huge box of clothing and £30 was donated by Rebecca, all the way from Italy.

So yet again, thank you so much for such fantastic contributions!



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5 responses to “The rest of the week

  1. Anke

    Hi Emma

    I am starting a batch of charity jumpers again to use up my yarn stash.
    Do you still have need for more jumpers?
    It will take me some weeks to get a few together, so it won’t be immediately …

    I will try to include some small items for your Eid parcels.

    How often do you manage to go over to Algeria? Or do you send everything by post?
    Either way, there must be a lot of cost involved for you!

  2. Emma

    Hi Anke,
    Thank you.
    Yes, there is always a need!
    Items are sent over to Algeria on a monthly basis. Shipping is the only expense of the project as everyone involved gives their time and skills for free. Fortunately people are willing to donate cash to the cause particularly those who can’t make things or haven’t got the time to go shopping but would still like to help in some way. In addition we are starting to do fundraising activities.
    Best wishes, Emma

  3. Great. I will let you know when I have knittes enough to put a parcel together.

    BTW, I am working on a charity jumper pattern. I would be happy to donate it to this site for general use, if you can use it.

  4. Emma, I can email you the pattern, if you give me your email address; or you can copy and paste it from my blog – whichever you prefer.


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