Fantastic February


In many ways February has been a very busy month for the project.

Firstly, you have all been so generous with your giving that a staggering 1008 items were donated.  February saw such a wide variety of clothing, toiletries and toys arriving, everything is wonderful and will be put to very good use by those in need. Thank you everyone, you are amazing.

The beady eyed among you may have already noticed that two new pages have been added to the site, ‘most wanted’ and ‘events’.  Most wanted is a page dedicated to the needs of individuals and families that we are currently helping.  This page will be updated and items crossed through as donations are received.  Events is about well, events that Algerian Action will be hosting and attending-all in the name of fundraising and raising awareness of the project.  Lots of things are planned so do keep looking.

You may have also noticed the Facebook link.  It was suggested by someone much more computer savvy than me that there should be a Facebook page for Algerian Action.  Apparently every charity has one and now, so do we!

So, if you fancy chatting to me and fellow supporters of the charity then please feel very welcome to ‘become a fan’ and a ‘ friend’ by clicking on the facebook badge to your right.

Lastly, Our new project was launched the ‘Eid gift bag appeal 2010’ .  Your enthusiasm for this appeal has really warmed my heart.  Donations for this have already started to arrive so, I’m hoping it will be a huge success!

Oh, and an update-remember the family in the shed? well a big bag of clothing and other bits and pieces has been sent to them.  Thanks to your monetary donations we are in the process of sourcing a cooker for the family.  At least then the lady will be able to start her cake making business and begin to support her family financially.  It’s really wonderful that we have been able to help in this way as not only have some of the immediate needs been met but we have helped in the longterm too.  Work is continuing on the home but progress has been made.

As always, thank you so much for your support and generosity.  Have a marvellous March everyone!

Best wishes, Emma x


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