A great start to March

 Lots of beautiful things have arrived this week- 

Some lovely jumpers and hats for older children  came from Sue along with some great things for the gift bags

Two pretty pink baby items from Maureen in Dorset.

Some lovely new clothes were donated by Lynne

A gorgeous blanket was donated by Debra.  She also sent some pretty t.shirts, mittens and hats.

Lots and lots of hair bands which will be perfect for the Eid bags were sent in by Helen along with a set of her fabulous sanitary pads, a stash of bras and some soap.

Beautiful jumpers and knitted squares were donated by Norma in East Calder.

Hats and mittens came from a lady in Colchester.

A fantastic collection of toddler clothes and some super cute baby cardigans were donated by Elaine and her daughter.

Some really lovely cardigans and £2 to buy some soap came from Jayne

Fabulous crafty bits, pens, pencils and toothbrushes along with some pre-loved clothing were donated by Angela

Lastly, a colourful collection of hats and jumpers were sent in by Beverley.

Thank you so much everyone! The time and effort you all put into supporting the project is much appreciated.


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