Inundated in a good way that is! With so many wonderful things being donated to the project.

Four beautiful crochet blankets were donated by Pauline in Tonbridge.

A huge, snuggly  cream blanket from Anna

A patchwork blanket and some lovely things for the Eid project were sent in anonymously. This parcel arrived completely ripped up so I hope nothing is missing.    

 A fabulous collection of knitted and preloved clothing came from Sue

Gorgeous cardigans and hats came from ‘Eves’

Another big box of  fantastic preloved clothes and shoes were donated by Rebecca along with a cheque for £30. The pictures do not show all of the items as some of the photos were just too blury to put here  but, lots of tops, trousers, shorts shoes were sent.

Fantastic filled Eid bags plus lots of empty ones along with some clothing were donated by Helen.

Some lovely hats and jumpers were donated by Kay

Sweet little baby cardigans, underwear and hats were sent in by Elaine on behalf of her Mum and Aunt Sandra.

Fantastic fabric bags and lots of goodies to put inside were donated by Angela

Lots more fabulous things for the Eid project and some underwear  from an anonymous donor

Lastly some cute baby hats 


As always huge, huge thanks to everyone who has contributed!


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One response to “Inundated

  1. Hi Emma

    I hope you are not too inundated, because I thought you could use some extra publicity and have mentioned Algerian Action in my Nutty Knitter’s blog! :o)

    I’m hoping to send my parcel tomorrow. Post office is closed today, due to the Good Friday bank holiday.

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