A little late

A little late in posting but, here are pictures of the fab donations that were received up until the end of march and a few days of April. So in no particular order……………………..

Great things for the Eid project, a sanitary pad set and some boys’ pants were sent in by Angela.

Carole donated a sleeveless top, fantastic cloth bags for the Eid project and five super cute bags that have been decorated with beads and ribbon which are perfect gifts for little girls!- I love this idea and am going to try out a few knitted versions.


 More beautiful fabric bags came from Helen, the addition of beads to the cord ties just make them look so pretty!

A  chunky knitted blanket from an anonymous donor

Colourful crochet squares and a hat were all donated by the Marlow knitting group

Three pretty pink hats were sent in anonymously. 

A super collection of items for the Eid gift bags and gorgeous short-sleeved cardigans were donated by Alice. 

A beautiful fleece blanket, squares, fab cloth bags and lots of things for the Eid project came from Annie, loving the flower headband!

Pretty cardigans, a patchwork blanket and the cutest puppets were donated by Peggy and Frances Pearson 

Beautiful hats and cardigans were donated by Kathy. The embroidered flowers really do give such a lovely finishing touch!

More great Eid treats along with some fab clothing were donated by Sue. 

A great collection of colourful hats and jumpers were donated by Irene and friends.

As always, sincere thanks to all of you who have taken the time and made the effort to  contribute to the project.


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