March round up

March was yet another month for fantastic donations, gorgeous pre loved clothing, fabulous knits and lots of things for the Eid gift bag appeal.

Thank you so much to those who answered my plea for fabric bags. More are still needed so if anyone fancies dragging the sewing machine out and making a few it would be wonderful! 

 Thanks to everyone’s generosity a further fifty-one Eid bags were able to be made up in March.  There are still quite a few to do especially for the older children.  Actually, I’m a bit stuck as to what to put in the bags for boy’s age 12+, any ideas? Sue suggested solar-powered calculators or geometry sets which sound great but it would be really helpful to hear your ideas too.  

Still looking for short-sleeved patterns / links so if you have any please share. I’m trying a bolero pattern that Phyllis and Helen sent me.  It looks good so far.  Once I’ve finished it I’ll post a picture and if anyone is interested I’ll send them a copy of the pattern.

Thank you so much everyone for being so kind and thoughtful.  Your help with this is truly appreciated.

I hope you all have an amazing April!

Emma x

Oh and before I forget, the total amount of donations received throughout March was 1019 .Wow!



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6 responses to “March round up

  1. Rebecca

    Emma, I have collected a few bits for boys over the age of 12. I currently have 3 black across the body back packs and a couple of keyring torches (I will include spare batteries) and some juggling balls. I will keep my eye out for more stuff. R

  2. Emma

    Sounds wonderful Rebecca, You’re a star!

    • Emma

      Great ideas kelly and thank you so much!
      I think I’m going to try looking for some small torches seeing as both you and rebecca both mentioned them. I really am completely clueless when it comes to teenagers!

  3. Kelly Cakir

    Hi Emma, After your e mail the other day i have started to look for items for a 14 year old boy so far i have a geometry set, playing cards and a wind-up torch. I was also thinking of some sort of puzzle like a rubiks cube??

  4. Isabel

    Hi Emma,
    My mum has seen some footballs in her village shop, all different bright colours, which we think would be ideal for older boys. They are light for you to ship to Algeria, but we are wondering if they would take up too much room? Also, they would be too large for the A4 size bag but we could make larger bags to fit them into.
    Isabel xx.

    • Emma

      Hi Isabel,
      Algerian kids love footballs so yes, the colourful ones you mention would be great. It would be wonderful if you could make some extra large size bags too. Thank you so much!

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