Donations have been arriving by the truck load lately which means I have been getting a little behind in posting all the pictures.  Sorry for that.  So many beautiful items of clothing have been donated along with lots of little treats for the Eid gift bag appeal. Feast your eyes on these:

Gorgeous pillow case dresses, Eid cloth bags and some super knits were donated by Carole.

The most loveliest dress, a puppet kit and a cute Winnie the Pooh mini shopper were sent in by an anonymous donor.

A box full of cute baby and toddler clothing, teethers and toiletries some of which can be  used for Eid gifts for the little ones.

A chunky knitted blanket from an anonymous donor

Two gorgeous Eid gift bags filled with goodies plus lots of clothing was donated by Helen.

A colourful blanket was donated by J. Catchpole 

Beautiful baby wear and fabulous Eid treats were sent in by Sue.

Loads more pics to follow so watch this space!



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2 responses to “Gorgeous!

  1. evelyn kilvington

    It is so lovely to see the photos of donated items, some of the ideas are very clever. I will be posting a parcel of washables this week. Hope you have caught up with the backlog.

    evelyn xx

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