Gorgeous #2

And so,  more lovely things to take a  look at

Fantastic clothes of all shapes and sizes  were donated by Rebecca.

Huge blankets and lots of goodies for the Eid gift bag appeal were donated by Angela.

These fabulous toys, craft materials and delicious smelling soaps were sent in by Jan.

Colourful short sleeved tops and hats were sent in by Celia.

Finally a huge selection of clothes, blankets,toiletries and Eid gifts were donated by Isabel, Freya, Frances, Ray and Isabel’s friend.

So, enormous thanks to everyone who made a donation. Everything is valued and even the smallest thing makes a difference to  the lifestyle of those in need.



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3 responses to “Gorgeous #2

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  2. Machallah so nice to see everyone being so generous! Did you see the link I posted on my blog! enchallah i will email you soon Emma! machallah wonderful project!

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