A bumper week

Crocheted colourful squares and hats along with some craft supplies were sent in by Grace in Ireland.

Super soft fleece scarves and throws were donated by Angela

Gorgeous handmade dresses and other clothes were donated by Lynn

Five sweet baby hats were sent in by Doreen

Pretty cardigans and some super treats for the Eid gift bag appeal were donated by Alice and her Aunt Greta

Fabulous tops and Eid bags full up with goodies were sent in by Helen and Phyl

Lovely colourful squares, hats and jumpers were donated by Pat and her friend Sandra

Gorgeous clothes including the cutest shoes were sent in by Moira

Lots of squares, puppets, scarves and other things were donated by Sue and her family and friends.

Beautiful cardigans were sent in by an anonymous donor

lots of baby hats came from Donna in Ireland

 A parcel of gorgeous pre-loved clothing and some fab drawing slates were sent in by an anonymous donor. The package was completely torn to pieces so there may have been a note inside but I didn’t receive it (if you are the sender please let me know)

A few other things were also donated but there isn’t enough room on this post for any more pictures!

You all astound me with your generosity, thank you so much for supporting this small project.


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