April round up

April has been an amazing month for donations with 1,235 items received not only is it the best for 2010 but it is the highest amount that our little project has ever received in one month. Well done everyone, thank you for being so wonderfully generous!

All types of things have been arriving including clothing, toiletries, washables, toys…………the list goes on.  With so many lovely treats sent in I have been able to put together quite a few Eid gift bags so we now have 102 which is just super!

 But, there is still a little way to go yet. Each bag contains a toy, an item of clothing, sweets, balloons and a pack of craft materials along with a few other bits and pieces. At the moment we really need pencil sharpeners and glue sticks for the craft packs. I know I sound a bit like a long-playing record and you all have done so much already  but, if anyone can help with sewing the cloth Eid bags it would be so helpful, they don’t need to be fancy just about the size of an A4  sheet of paper with a drawstring.

 Also, while I am asking for things, there are three seven-year old boys who are in need of clothing. They are each from a different family, I have things for their siblings but I don’t really want to send  parcels to the families without including a little something for the seven-year olds.  If anyone has anything at home or could make something for these boys it would be fantastic!

On a personal note, on Wednesday morning I was taken into hospital and needed to have an emergency operation to remove an ectopic pregnancy that had started to bleed. Fortunately the procedure went well and I’m now just taking medication and recovering at home. It’s quite difficult for me to move about at the moment and I shouldn’t really lift anything too heavy so I’d just ask if you could bear with me for a while if things seem a bit slow to happen with pictures and emails ect.

 May is set to be a busy month for the project with our first fundraising event being held on 31st. Two shipments of donations will be sent to Algeria rather than one  and Eid bags will continue being made up in addition to everything else. All good fun!

I hope you all have a happy, craft filled month ahead of you.

As always my sincere thanks for all that you do, Emma x



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2 responses to “April round up

  1. evelyn kilvington

    Sorry to hear that you have been unwell. Don’t do too much too soon,the charity will wait for you to be well.
    I’m glad to hear about your bumper month, I’m sure it will grow and grow,I’m just glad I am able to help.

    Evelyn xx

  2. Pencil sharpeners – I have lots stashed away, and plenty more on the way next week. Will send plenty with empty baggies after the Bank Holiday.

    Be well,

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