So much has gone over the last few months, much of it a bit too personal to go into here and some to do with the project which, I can of course tell you all about!

Firstly, thank you so much to all of you who donated so generously towards the Eid appeal, the response was truly amazing! Several hundred items were given to children living in Algiers and you all contributed to making Eid ul fitr extra special for them.

Now for some news,

It has become increasingly difficult to get items into Algeria, customs officials are becoming more and more questioning and unfortunately we have had some of our donations seized only having them returned after paying a ‘fee’ which is just sickening.  Obviously I want the project to continue, it needs to continue but it means that less can be taken on each trip. So, I have decided for the moment, to put ‘project washables’ and blankets on hold. This is simply because they are bulky to send and take up room which could be used for clothing.  I hope you understand. Of course if you have made something already or are part way through then please do send it!

Finally, we have met the criteria and have applied to become  registered as a charity in Algeria. This will probably take a while to be approved but once it is it will make shipping much easier and it will also make the project eligible for funding which would just be fantastic.

Unfortunately, something happened to the charity email address, so I have not been able to read anything that may of been sent, I’m so sorry if you did make contact and have been waiting for a reply. If you would still to get in touch the new email address is For those of you who have written to me, thank you, I will reply to you all shortly.

I’m in the process of putting another fundraising event together that will hopefully take place in the new year, the details will all be confirmed soon.

Thank you all greatly for your kindness and support, Love Emma x



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5 responses to “News

  1. Pat Wilson

    Hello Emma
    So glad to hear from you at last. I was really worried something *bad* had happened. Glad the Eid project went so well, do you have any photo’s? What do you need in the way of donations for now. Best wishes Pat Wilson

  2. Carole Beech

    Hi Emma

    So glad you are safe and well. Look forward to hearing about mew projects

  3. Lou

    Oh Emma – Thank goodness. It is great to hear from you – we have been trying to get news of your whereabouts for what seems like such a long time. I am so glad you are back – great news about your charity status in Algeria and also the great success of Eid Appeal. We are all thinking of you here at Loving Hands and will be ready with support when you need it again ;0)

    Lou xx

  4. Helen

    Relieved to hear that you’re safe & well, Emma!

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