A family in need

As I have mentioned here before, there are people in Algeria that live in conditions that are completely unseen in Europe and the developed world. My work with Algerian Action has meant that I have come into contact with quite a lot of families in need and have seen many sorry situations however, sometimes you hear of something which somehow seems worse than those before, something that touches you and pulls at your heart strings just that little bit harder.  That is what happened to me when I heard about the following family- a mother and four children.  The story was told to me by a friend who lives in Algeria- a lady, who with a group of others helps those in need. She has written about it on her blog which is in French.

The family are living in conditions which are quite indescribable but needless to say unliveable. They live in a shack where a wall is made from blankets and  a thin sheet acts as a door. The roof is made from plastic which leaks causing their few belongings to become soaked through and leaving them with nowhere to sleep but wet blankets.

The Mother suffers from rheumatism which often renders her unable to look after her youngest, a six year old girl called Zeyneb.

When my friend went to visit she found Zeyneb sitting on a blanket which was damp and smelling of urine, she was disheveled and her hair was sticky and full of lice. Yet despite this, she had a smile like sunshine and was thrilled with the paper and coloured pencils she was given.

There is also an eighteen year old daughter who helps as much as she can and does not mix with the other girls her own age she said that the cold and living conditions had caused both her and her mother to become incontinent and that it was impossible to keep themselves clean. In addition there is a son aged 20, he is unable to read and write and has a low ability. He does not currently have a job, unfortunately he has been treated badly by employers in the past but he does want to work. Lastly there is another son aged 12 who is not attending school.  The children live alone with their Mother.

The family has lived in these conditions for the last ten years.

The family obviously have very little and I hope that we will be able to assist them as much as possible.

Jobs are currently being sought for the eldest son and mother. It is also planned that the son will be educated to read and write as this will surely help his long term prospects. In addition efforts will be made to get the younger children back into the education system.

Medium term but, really as soon as possible their home needs to be rebuilt so that it can be a safe,dry and secure place in which to live.

Immediately, shoes and clothing are needed for all family members, The mother and 18 year old daughter are both size 4 in shoes and are 10-12 in clothing. The eldest son is also size 4 in shoes and wears size S clothing. The 12 year old boy wears clothes for his age and his shoe size is 2.5 (35) and the little girl is age 6 and wears shoe size 11.5 (30) .

Every single item and every single penny donated will allow this family to start living a normal life, please give whatever you are able to. I plan to send an ’emergency parcel’ to them in two weeks time and then follow up with further items soon after. Part of the funds raised at our Spring Fair will also go towards the rebuilding of the home.

If you can do anything to help this family who are desperately in need please get in touch.



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12 responses to “A family in need

  1. As salam alaykum,

    Baraka’Llâhu fiki sister for this message and your precious help.

  2. Pat Wilson

    Hello Emma
    I will send a parcel to you on Monday containing some *bits* for you to sell at the spring fair. Also after reading about this poor desperate family I will include what I can. I do hope that people’s generousity will help. Regards Pat

  3. mrs mohammed

    Dear emma,
    I was very shocked to hear about the poor family. I will get as many things to you as i can as soon as possible..I just wanted to know if apart from english cloths do you take ladies indian/pakistani shalwaar kameez………sometimes loads of miss match socks in good condition are left, cn they be added…………can we send them packs of soup etc etc

    mrs mohammed

    • Emma

      Thank you so much!
      Yes, shalwaar Kameez are very welcome. Actually, I have an Indian friend who is married to an Algerian, for sometime she ran a business selling this traditional clothing in Algeria and the ladies there just loved it, so I am sure these ladies living in the shack would love it too!!
      To be honest, everything is very welcome including packet soup although anything with meat should be halal.
      Emma x

  4. As salam alaykum Mrs Mohammed,
    thank you for your attention. Everything is welcome because this family has nothing at all, their few clothes are torn. Currently we expect to harvest a sufficient money to start building because clothing deteriorate with moisture and rain. May Allah reward you for your Taala efforts. Please sorry for my english.

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  6. Mrs S Siddique

    Salaam Emma
    Just been reading about the family in Algeria. It is heartbreaking and would like to help. I will be sending some stuff for the fair. What I would like to know is if you can accept a cheque from a CAF account for this family. If you can please send me an address and what name the cheque has to be and I will send it to you.

    Mrs Siddique

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam,
      Yes, we are able to accept a cheque from a CAF account please make it payable to ALGERIAN ACTION, thank you!

      Thank you also for the things for the fair, I will email you the address details.

      Emma x

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  8. Um ayoub

    Asalamu Alaikoum, firstly, may Allah reward you abundantly for your work at Algerian Action,ameen. I was really touched by the story and would like to help. When and where is the Spring fair? Is it possible to bring items for donations directly there? I might have some books to bring for sale. Please let me know. Um Ayoub

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