Cake and a cuppa Campaign

Who doesn’t love a scrumptious slice of cake and something hot to wash it down with?

Well we thought it would be a great idea to combine this favourite treat with raising funds for charity.

Remember the family that I introduced to you last week? The family that is living in a shack.

Well,as I said before, the family are living in an absolutely desperate situation. A small bag of essentials was sent from us at the weekend and we will send a larger shipment of things in two ~ three weeks time. Thanks to your generosity things have already started to arrive that can be included in this emergency parcel. Please continue to donate, details of sizes etc can be found here

Whilst we are committed to sending clothing, bedding, towels………. there really isn’t a great deal of point in doing so if the family have nowhere dry to keep their new belongings. They need to have their home rebuilt. An estimate of £1,700 has been given. This will provide them with somewhere clean, safe and dry in which to live. It will enable them to focus on improving their long-term prospects which they are currently unable to do. It will restore to them a sense of normality and dignity.

Anyway back to cake, we need to raise £1,700 and we need your help!

We are asking anyone and everyone to help us reach our target by selling cake, it could be a coffee morning with colleagues, afternoon tea with friends, a school bake sale…….the options are endless. It can be as simple or as grand as you want and it could take place anywhere in the world.

Every penny makes a difference.  Help us to help them.

To help you with making your event  a huge success we have put together an info sheet and some posters all of which can be downloaded from our website.



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3 responses to “Cake and a cuppa Campaign

  1. masha’a’Llâh that’s a very great idéa ! Saturday 19 february we are going to do a private sale and we will introduce this idea, which will combine fun and support! Thank you Emma

  2. imanshomeschool

    Asalamu alaykum Emma, Masha’Allah, this is so great. I have been following along on Facebook, and I recently read about you Cake and Cuppa campaign and it’s something I am currently organising with another sister here in Reading. I have also just emailed you regarding the possibility of a women and kids event in Reading. We are very keen to support your campaign insha’Allah and look forward to hearing from you soon. Keep up the good work!

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