Spring Fair 2011

6th March, after much preparation the day of our Spring Fair finally arrived. There was a total of 26 stalls selling lots of different things, plus stalls for food and kids activities. It was lovely to see some of our longtime supporters and finally put faces to names and wonderful to find that quite a few people had turned up with bags full of donations too.

I think people enjoyed themselves and the kids definitely had lots of fun!

Special thanks to my dearest friend Meryam for absolutely slogging her guts out during the event and helping me to prepare for it. Thanks are also due to Louise and Susie for doing an amazing job at entertaining the kids and to  Sharon for helping wherever needed. Thank you also to Helen and Phyl for their fabulous donations of jewellery and knits which we sold on our stall, to Pat for her very cute knitted toys and to Marion whose pretty bracelets arrived just in time.

I should also mention ‘Little Sweet Things 4 U’  which is a new cake company based in East London who specialize in individual and small home baked cakes, their range is extensive and includes Lemon pie, Cheese cake, Cupcakes and Tiramisu. I personally, am positively addicted to their Russian Chocolate Charlotte and my boys loved their waffles. This company attended our Spring Fair and very generously donated all of their takings to us- thank you so much Umm Hamza!

Most importantly thank you to everyone who came along and made the day a success, we raised a total of £625 so, I think all the hard work was worth it!



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7 responses to “Spring Fair 2011

  1. evelyn kilvington

    Well done Emma, it sounds like you had a great day as well as spreading the word about the charity.

  2. Susy Chappelle

    It was great (if not exhausting) to be part of it! Look forward to the next one…insha’allah.

  3. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    So pleased it went well ma sha Allah! I know my notecard didn’t get to you! I’m zoned out and thought I had a month to go! Had guests from Algeria and got ill to add to the craziness! Alhamdulillah!

    I love checking in and seeing how you’re efforts are going 🙂


    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam,
      Don’t worry sis, insha’Allah I hope you are feeling better now and can relax a little.
      Thank you once again for designing our fab poster! xx

  4. muslimah trying to home edu

    Salamu alaykum sister Emma,
    Mash’Allah for all that you do for Algeria!
    I have some stuff to donate for your future events or maybe to send directly to Algeria, but I don’t know how to donate.
    I drop you a message through your website. I hope you will receive it.
    Wa alaykum assalam

  5. Umm Zayd (Touria)

    Masha’Allah £625! May Allah reward all those who were involved in planning and organising etc. We had a lovely time!

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