A busy month

April was a busy month for Algerian Action in many ways.

Two fundraising events were held on our behalf, the first was a ‘ Krazy Kids fundraiser’in Reading which raised £350 for us. It was a very successful evening and the organizers were also able to give the same amount to a project in Pakistan in addition to a donation to aid those suffering in Libya.

The second event was a charity bazaar  held last Sunday in London, there were stalls, lots of kids activities and delicious Algerian food.  The amount raised is still being calculated but, a fun day was had by all!

Huge thanks to everyone involved with arranging those events, your help is very much appreciated.

This year’s Eid Appeal was also launched in April, We have a target of almost 500 gifts and already  we have collected gifts for  125 children! We need small toys, sweets, balloons, pencils ect.  More details of this special appeal can be found here.

People have also been very generous in donating clothing and other essentials.  Beautifully knitted jumpers, blankets, toothbrushes, shoes, underwear and summer things are just a few of the fabulous things that arrived in April.

This month, the final preparations are being put into place for an exciting new project which will offer additional help to some of the poorest families living in Algiers- all will be revealed shortly!

We haven’t got any events planned for May but, Algerian Action will be having a stall at three events in June so we will be busy organizing ourselves for that, if anyone would like to make things to sell at these events you are very welcome to do so or if you would like to help out at these type of events in the future please do get in touch.

As always, thank you so much to all of you for your support and contributions, without your  help Algerian Action just couldn’t exist!

Have a marvelous May everyone!

Emma x



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3 responses to “A busy month

  1. evelyn kilvington

    Brilliant news about all the fundraising events, it makes all your hard work worthwhile when others join in too.
    Are the washables still on hold, this is an area closer to my heart than some of the others, and would still like to contribute .

  2. imanshomeschool

    Asalamu alaykum Emma, hope all is well your end insha’Allah.
    Masha’Allah, we have completed our collection of clothes, toiletries, nappies, toys and sweets here in Reading, and we are excited to hand them over to you. Are you still able to collect the items on Sunday 29th May insha’Allah.
    Jazaki’Allahu khayran for all your efforts xxx

  3. Gillian

    Hello Emma, you say you would welcome hand made items to sell on your fundraising stalls. What sort of things had you in mind? Or are there things that seem to sell better than others?

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