Family in need *update*

For the regular followers and supporters you must remember the posts about the family in need and the campaign to raise funds to help build them a clean, safe and dry home. Thanks to your extreme generosity the target was met and work was due to begin in late May. However, the builder who originally gave the quote and agreed to do the work decided that he was in fact unable to take the job on. So, the search started to find a competent worker willing to take on the task, many were apparently not really interested as to some the project was not big enough, others would not commit to completing it and others were not skilled in this particular type of work.  But now, after many months a suitable builder has been found and the work has begun!

I have seen where the family live myself and the shack is situated in front of a very steep slope. To make the home larger the slope must be cut into and the clay earth removed.  With the shack being one in a row and houses at the back this can only be done by hand as even if a machine was available it would be impossible to get it into the space. Not an easy job by anyone’s standards!

  Once finished it is hoped that in addition to the current one room there will be a bedroom, a toilet and shower and a proper kitchen for the family.

Everything in Algeria takes time and an abundance of patience is needed at all times. Now that work has actually started just maybe this family, after several years of living in terrible conditions will get to experience a Winter at home without the wind howling through a fabric ‘wall’ and rain pouring from a leaking roof.

Sincere thanks to all of those who contributed.



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2 responses to “Family in need *update*

  1. Luci Lenox

    Well done and hope the work goes well. We posted a package to you yesterday from Spain so it should arrive early next week.

  2. Pat Wilson

    Hello Emma
    So glad Saturday was a success and that the house has begun to take shape at last. I’m sure the family will be really happy with the improvements that are being made for them.
    Hope you are feeling better healthwise and what do you now need most urgently as dontions?. Kindest regards Pat Wilson

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