Focus on a family

There are many people living in Algeria that need some form of assistance. Every month several families and individuals receive aid from us be it in the form of clothes, food or medicine. Here I am sharing the story of one  man who is currently being helped.

Abdul Kader is 65 years old, he grew up in a poor family and has struggled to make ends meet for much of his adult life. He married in his thirties and for many years worked unofficially as a market porter, helping stall-holders by carrying their heavy loads upon his shoulders. 
Abdul Kader became ill and unable to work. Illness coupled with the hard, manual labour of his younger years  took its toll and his back is now so badly damaged that he is unable to walk. With no mobility he has little choice but to sit indoors every single day.  
Abdul Kader is looked after by his wife and three grown up daughters all of which are not married and live in the small family home.
This elderly man is not short of love and care but with barely enough money for food purchasing any type of mobility aid is an impossibility for the family.

This family already receive help from Algerian Action in terms of basic food items but, with your help we would like to buy Abdul Kader a wheelchair so, that once again he can feel a sense of independence and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors during the last years of his life.

 Due to the difficulties in shipping a wheelchair to Algeria It will need to be bought there at a cost of £200.

Even the smallest donation will help make a huge difference to Abdul Kader.  



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6 responses to “Focus on a family

  1. As salam alaykum, i need to translate this message insha a Llah. Hope we CAN help our brother. Emin

    • Emma

      People have already donated since writing this post so insha’Allah it wont be long until Abdul Kader is mobile again. Please do translate sister!

  2. Somayya

    Masha’Allah, Tabarak’Allah may Allah (SWT) reward you abundantly….x

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