Behind the scenes January has been a busy month for Algerian Action.

As always, people have been generously sending in fabulous clothing and blankets- so lots of unwrapping and admiring has been going on- just a very small selection is pictured below.

 The list of families and children in need seem to be growing by the week if not the day so it is fantastic that in addition to our long term supporters so many people and groups have recently been in touch offering their help and wanting to donate to those in need. Every item is really needed and makes a real difference to somebody who has nothing. I have just updated the ‘most wanted’ list so do take a look when you have time.

On the fun front- plans are currently being made for our next Spring fair which should take place on Sunday 25th March 2012- watch this space for full details coming soon! If any of you would like to donate your crafty makes to be sold in Aid of Algerian Action please do let me know or if you live in London and would like to volunteer on the day that would be great too.

Finally, There is an exciting project which is being worked on at the moment, it involves a lot of time and effort from various people but it could really bring so much benefit to children in Algeria- I’m bursting to tell you all but, until it’s all confirmed my lips have to stay sealed!

Have a fantastic February everyone!

Emma x

P.S to all you lovely knitters out there- do any of you have a super simple short sleeved cardi pattern you could point me in the direction of?



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3 responses to “January

  1. justanote

    salams sister, unshallah Allah supphanataala give you barakat for your kind work, I would like to ask if you have anything going on in Tebessa east algeria? I spent some time out there, and there is a lot of poverty , its a very conservative islamic waliya so work might be difficult ,especially if its regarding women , but there is definitaly a need.
    salams sister look forwards to your reply

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam sister, Ameen to your dua!
      Currently, the only area that is covered is Algiers. It would be fantastic to offer assistance to people in other areas too and insha’Allah this is one of the long term aims.

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam sister,
      I think you need a more detailed reply than I can fit here. I will insha’Allah email you!

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