Something for summer #2

With the weather being so cold it is the perfect time to stay at home and do a spot of crafting- well I know that’s what I have been doing!

For the regular followers out there, you may remember a  couple of years back my post about pillow case dresses well, I’ve been thinking about making an updated version and have come up with this.

It really is very simple to make and involves so little sewing it can even be done by hand.

I made the pattern up and  will add it to the patterns page shortly but, in the meantime if you too would like to tun your mind to clothing for sunnier days then the following may inspire you.

Coats crafts girls summer dress 

Fave crafts ruffle dress 

Sunny day romper suit

Summer breeze dress

For me, this weekend I hope to try and make this -a toddler sized dress from a t shirt.

Have a lovely weekend and happy crafting everyone!



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2 responses to “Something for summer #2

  1. This is beautiful ma sha Allah! I’ve been meaning to make something like this for myself!!! Now I MUST!!! And in sha Allah some little ones too!

  2. Emma

    Thanks sis! I hadn’t thought of making one for myself but now you’ve mentioned it…………..or even a top might work out well ….oh the possibilities there are with some yarn and a bit of fabric!

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