Re purposing

It’s great to make clothing and in my opinion even better to create something new from something old. The web is full of different ideas for re purposing, like the pillow case dresses mentioned in a previous post.

But, last week I received a parcel of donations from Helen- tucked inside was this  fabulous  little cotton dress which had been made from a men’s shirt. The button’s run down the back  and well, it is just such a brilliant idea. What I really like about it is the shape which is slightly A. line unlike the pillowcase dresses which when not worn can look a little voluminous

The tutorial for this particular dress can be found here

Thank you Helen for the inspiration!

Happy crafting everyone!



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5 responses to “Re purposing

  1. Great idea! I wish I was better at sewing.

  2. hello – thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Helen

    Thank you for the mention! I cheated a bit on that smaller dress and used broderie anglaise lace rather than make the ruffle sleeves from the sleeves of the shirt, as in the tutorial – I always think broderie anglaise looks lovely and fresh on a little girl’s outfit!

  4. Wow.. snow is Algeria!! Its such a pleasant surprise! 🙂 I thought it would never ever snow in Sahara!
    PS: srry to comment it here, but I couldnt post it there.

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