This morning I received an email from Carolina Gonzalez, an Algerian Action supporter who lives in Tenerife. Carolina is an avid crafter and among her many  skills she is a talented doll maker, in fact she has been making and customising dolls for over a decade!

Anyway, to celebrate the launch of her new website she has very kindly decided to auction one of her creations and donate 50% of the winning bid  to us.

The doll, called Salvia (Sage) is  one of a kind, full details of the doll’s origins and the reconstruction process that took place can be found on the website here    as can details on how to bid. The auction will close on Friday 16th March.

There isn’t any minimum bid and every penny towards our work is a huge help. To give you an idea just £1.25 provides fruit and vegetables to a family for a week through our Fruit tree programme  and £5 will pay for a basic food pack.

If you like the doll and are able to bid please do so otherwise help us by spreading the word among your family and friends.

Irrespective of any money raised it is a wonderfully thoughtful gesture-Thank you Carolina!


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