Urgent Appeal

A couple of days ago I was  told about the situation of a little five year old boy living in Algiers.  He has been sick from a very early age and is currently suffering from a variety of illnesses, the most serious one being a disease which has caused a lump to form on one eye and another on his brain.

Specialists have said that if the lump on his eye is not removed he will lose his sight within 3 years and if the one from his brain is not taken away he has a life expectancy of  twelve years.

There are some very skilled doctors and surgeons in Algeria but unfortunately what they sometimes lack is the most up to date facilities.  As such, these essential operations cannot be performed anywhere in the country  and the boy’s family have been told that he must travel overseas for treatment (France or the U.K.)

To help this  boy is no doubt a huge undertaking. The family have exhausted all other possible means to get assistance for their Son and really this is now their last resort.  I know personally what it is to have a sick child, to know how it feels to sit and wait for an operation to be over, to go to an intensive care unit and see a small body covered in wires, to feel so helpless. It’s an experience I will never ever forget.  Actually getting the treatment for my boy was never an issue, I can’t imagine how much more difficult and heart breaking it must be when that is not the case, just as it is for this little guy’ s parents.

It is of course a massive thing to try and do, and I’m not entirely sure how to go about it. But, I do know that when faced with such a story and a boy in desperate need of medical aid one must at least pull out all the stops and  try to help.

Time is of the essence so I am hoping to hold a variety of fund raisers. As a starter I want to organise an on-line craft auction so, if any of you crafty folk would like to make and donate something that would be brilliant! You can contribute any hand- made item in what ever medium that you like.

I am expecting to receive the translations of the medical report and other information in the next day or so which will enable me to get a rough estimate of cost. As soon as I know anything I will update.

If anyone has any ideas on how to help please do share!

As always my sincere thanks to you all. Emma x



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10 responses to “Urgent Appeal

  1. Luci

    Dear Emma,

    we will think of a way to raise some money here in Spain.

    All the best and good luck,


  2. zainab

    Dear emma i gona try to raise some funds trough our charity inshalah may allah reward you with your efforts .

  3. Marian

    No idea re fundraising as I am busy fundraising for another charity,but will send you a small cheque.Also have a pile of jumpers knitted by my mum to send.

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  5. Pat Wilson

    Hello Emma,
    Am not any good at fundraising but a cheque is on its way.
    Hope you raise enough so the little boy gets all the help he needs.
    Kind regards Pat Wilson

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