Charity Craft Auction

For the regulars among you, I’m sure you will remember my recent post about the five year old boy in urgent need of medical treatment. I have been putting together a few ideas to raise funds to help Youcef get the operations he needs and so, I wanted to tell you about the first event: a charity craft auction that will take place on-line.

To make the auction a success I need as many people as possible to donate one of their hand-made creations, items can be literally anything-jewellery, candles,sweets, bags, hairslides, blankets, baby clothes, toys, paintings the list goes on -if you make it you can donate it! Plus of course, as many people as possible are needed to place bids 🙂

The very best thing about the auction being on-line is that you can join in wherever you are in the world.


WHEN? The auction will start on Friday 25th May and run for a week, finishing up at midnight on Thursday 31st May 2012

WHERE? Online. Auctions will take place here, face book and various other blogs and websites

HOW TO HELP? If you have a blog / website / face book page and would like to auction one of your items there that would be fantastic! likewise if you want to hold an auction in person among friends, family, colleagues that would also be great.  If you would prefer me to auction your item then I am more than happy to do so, just send me either the item or a picture and details of it.

If you are planning to donate something please do let me know a.s.a.p. I really would like to start compiling a list of the fabulous goodies that will be on offer and where people can join in the auctions.  At the very latest I need to know by Friday 18th May but really, the earlier the better!

If you are not really up for making something then please do help by participating in the bidding and by spreading the word.

As people sign up to donate items I will update the site here-so please do check back.

As always many,many thanks for your support, every penny/dinar/ euro/ dollar raised will help a little boy receive urgent medical treatment he simply wont otherwise be able to get.

Emma x



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6 responses to “Charity Craft Auction

  1. Can you raise funds online, Emma? Like through a charity giving page?

    If you look at my blog page, it will give you some idea of what I could knit. I also have a couple of brooches, which are quick to make and I have yet to post up.

    • Emma

      Hi Anke, I have looked at the charity giving type pages and the trouble I have is my reluctance to part with a percentage of the donations to such sites. If people wish to donate on-line they can do so through the website
      All of your creation are fabulous so really anything would be a super donation to receive!

  2. Salaam Emma,
    You know I’m in. I think I will crochet a purse or a bag in sha Allah to auction off. Still need a badge for participants? Maybe not, right?

    • Emma

      Salaam, Thank you so much Ishrat! Yes, I would definitely still love a badge for participants if you could make one. xx

  3. I am doing a craft fair this weekend, Emma. After that I will know what I can offer. The brooches (see my blog page) are quick to make, so I can definitely make a couple of those.

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