May round up

May was a really busy month for ‘Algerian Action’ with lots of things going on, including work on some exciting future projects.

Yet again lots of beautiful things continued to be sent in by our lovely supporters- some fab summer clothing, toiletries, toys and treats were all in among the bundles of donations that were received.

People are always getting in touch, asking what to send.  Children aged 0-16 years are given help with clothing so anything really that will fit that age group will be useful. Glasses and toiletries are always in demand and at the moment there is a shortage of baby clothing for our  baby bags. I have just up-dated the ‘most wanted’ list please do take a look if you would like a complete list of what is needed.

This years ‘Eid Appeal’ has just been launched, for full details visit here. This annual appeal is now in it’s third year, each year the number of children given gifts grows , our target for 2012 is 750.  We need donations of sweets, balloons, small toys (yo-yo’s, matchbox size cars ect) if you would like to help with this items must be received by 6th July to ensure that they will be in Algeria on time

We also have the online Craft Auction coming up later this week and we will be attending a few fundraising events at the end of the month ……..have a jubilant June everyone whatever you get up to!

Emma x


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