June round-up

June was a busy month, lots of fabulous donations of clothing plus special gifts for our Eid Appeal were received. Along with the everyday stuff we also had the on-line craft Auction and attended a local School fair.

The Gwynn Jones school event was lots of fun! This weekend we will be having a stall at another one- Downsell Road Primary School so, if you are in the area do come along and say hello.

This month we will be continuing with our Eid Appeal, to ensure that the gifts get to the children in time donations must be received by July 14th. We will also be putting the finishing touches to our fundraising cookery book, in addition to planning a fabulous arty crafty event that will take place in October as part of the international campaign for drawing.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Have a joyous July everyone whatever you get up to!

Emma x



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2 responses to “June round-up

  1. F

    Salaams sis,
    Are you still collecting for Eid presents? When is the latest we should get it to you by? Could you email me your postal address? Are you also collecting items for adults like Hijabs, Medicine, Shoes, Handbags etc? JazakAllah kHair!

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam,
      Thank you for your message!
      The last date for collecting Eid gifts has now passed, however we do send items like the ones you mentioned (in addition to baby / children’s clothes) on a monthly basis to families in Algiers so if you would like to make a contribution towards those needs you would be most welcome. The address to send donations can be found here on the website.
      May Allah reward you abundantly for your intentions. Ameen.
      Emma x

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