Baby packs

Providing clothing for newborns and young babies has always been part of the work of Algerian Action, indeed it was how the charity got started.

For several years now ‘baby packs’ have been given to women in the community but, starting this Autumn our packs will also be distributed to ladies in a refuge and to those on the maternity ward of one hospital. Plans to do this have been going on for what seems like ages and I am so pleased that finally it has come together.

The packs typically include the following:

A light-weight blanket, vest, baby-gro, hat, mittens/bootees,cardigan, a small toy and a few nappies for baby. In addition a small body spray or soap is included for the new mother. All of this is then put into a cloth drawstring bag.

There is always a demand for the packs and this will of course increase as we distribute in more places.

If you would like to help us with this particular project well, that would be just fantastic!

All donations of the above mentioned items are needed. Clothing should be size 0-3 months, blankets need to measure a minimum of 12″ square but can of course be larger.  Items can be new, pre-loved or handmade but they must be clean and in excellent condition.

Cloth bags are also needed, these are just a basic rectangle with a ribbon or cord threaded through the top. The size doesn’t need to be exact but roughly the size of an A4 sheet of paper. All colours and type of fabric may be used.

Every item donated is appreciated and really does make a difference to a person in need.

As always, huge thanks for your support!



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3 responses to “Baby packs

  1. Another wonderful project ma sha Allah!

  2. salam Emma,

    im in the process of putting baby packs together,can you tell me when you need them and send me your details again please as i cant find it anymore
    inshallah all goes well with you and the baby .

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam Zainab,
      Masha’Allah that is great- thank you so much!

      The baby pack project is on-going, there isn’t a cut off date for donations but, we will start giving to the refuge at the end of September insha’Allah.
      The address to send things to can be found here

      Thank you once again for all your help! x

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