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For some time I have wanted to compile a cookery book full of Algerian recipes (written in the English Language). The food I’ve tasted in Algeria is some of the best I’ve ever eaten and I’ve always thought it such a shame that while Moroccan cuisine is widely known the delights of Algeria are really not known about at all, unless of course you have visited the country or have a family connection of some sort.

So now, after what seems a million years I am so pleased to say that a cookery book has finally been produced and is available NOW!

Entitled ‘A taste of Algeria’ the book is meant to be just that a taste, an introduction to Algeria’s delicious food, both sweet and savoury.  All of the recipes have been submitted by women with a connection to Algeria be it through birth, heritage or marriage and are authentic dishes of the country.

The book  has 50 recipes and includes favourites like M’hadjeb, Karantita, Tajine Zitoun, M’halbi, Makrout el louz and many more. It has been professionally printed and  is priced at £5.99.   Currently it can be purchased online through our website or by sending a cheque. UK /European postage is free, if you live elsewhere and would like the book please get in touch for a postage quote.

All profits made from the sale of the book will go towards helping destitute children and families in Algeria.



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14 responses to “Cookery book

  1. assalaamu’alaykum, could you please list which dishes and sweets are included in the book? Jzk

  2. Laura

    Congratulations on your beautiful project!! Is it possible to purchase the book in Algeria? Thank you, Laura

    • Emma

      Hi Laura, Thank you for your kind words! At the moment it is not currently available in Algeria however, in about two weeks time the book will be being sold at the reception desk of Hopeland Institute (An English Language school) in Cheraga, Algiers. I don’t know how easy that is for you to get to? If it’s difficult let me know and I will try to work something out.

  3. Carol

    Got mine this morning! Can’t wait to try the recipes out – thanks to all for putting this together x

  4. assiya

    jazakhallah khier emma
    amazing job mashallah….plus this book it is what i am looking for as i know i am still not good in cooking algerian food for my husband hamdulillah!!!!!
    again jazakhallah


    • Emma

      Thanks Assiya!
      I’m sure you are a fabulous cook- even if not at cooking Algerian dishes, I’m sure no one would complain about being served yummy Italian food!

  5. assiya

    salam emma jazakhallah but i must tell you i am a fake italian in the cooking section!!!!!!!!hihihi…..i got everything from italian but about the food i am a disaster hahahah but hamdulillah!!!!!!
    see you soon inshallah

  6. Pat Wilson

    Hello Emma
    I would love a cookbook but dont buy things on line! Can I send you a cheque at the parcel address? How is the house building going, is it completed yet? Hope the Eid celebrations went well and all the children were happy.

    • Emma

      Hi pat, Yes a cheque sent to the usual address is fine.
      the house build has finished, I’m just waiting to get some up to date pictures to put here.
      The children loved their Eid gifts, and it was so wonderful to be able to give to so many!

      Huge thanks Pat for your constant support xx

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  8. Liam

    Just bought a copy to give my wife for Christmas….I’m sure she will love it…Great work you are doing..Well Done 🙂

  9. Roberta Arden-Adan

    How do I buy a copy please as the link only takes me to the page about your second book.

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